Gaga Wouldn't Be a 'Lady' if She Joined Queen

Queen Lady GagaQueen is about as big time and epic as rock bands come. Everything changed for them back in 1991, when lead singer Freddie Mercury passed away leaving a major vacancy in the super-group -- a vacancy that the group now would love to fill with ... Lady Gaga.

Yup, you read that right. Queen, the band that produced unreal tracks like "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Another One Bites the Dust" and oooh, my fave of 'em all, "We Will Rock You," wants THE Lady Gaga as their new frontwoman. Queen guitarist Brian May even told Time magazine that Gaga is interested, saying "she would like to do something with us.” Sure, she's got some of Mercury's wacky showmanship. But still -- this has got to be a joke, right?

Let's be real here: I love me some Queen, AND I love me some Gaga. However, there is no way that Gaga should join up with a '70s British rock band. She's so much better on her own.


Lady Gaga has made an entire Gaga empire based around her unique and outrageous brand. In the music industry, there is absolutely no one else like her. She has too many "little monsters" to count, who all adore her for the modern Madonna that she is. If she was to join forces with the men of Queen, who -- it is no secret -- are a little past their prime, then she'd be doing both herself and her fans a major injustice.

Gaga is versatile, though. As she proved to us in her great "The Lady Is a Tramp" duet with Tony Bennett, she can take on a completely different singing style and still sound amazing. So I suppose that she'd be able to work with Queen's eccentric vibe, just as well if not better. However, when it comes to the stage show, a Gaga-Queen collaboration would definitely mean artistic changes for Gaga. Think about it: Would Queen be down to show up on stage in one giant egg? Maybe, but probably not. Perhaps the two could compromise, and she could rock their curly long hair look if they throw on a pair of eight-inch stilettos. BAM -- even Steven.

I think perhaps just a guest vocal or two with the men of Queen might be enough of a "something" for Gaga. I'd be interested to see what she and Queen could come up with -- although the name "Queen Gaga" does have a nice ring to it ...

What do you think of Lady Gaga and Queen joining forces?

Images via Tiggerlane/Flickr, kentarotakizawa/Flickr

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