Tom Cruise's Wedding Party Dance Moves Make Internet Gold (VIDEO)

tom cruiseSay what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man can dance. He's like a little ball of energy, and springs, that can bend, jump, and writhe like no other. We saw him bust a move in Tropic Thunder dressed in a fat suit, bald cap, and ghetto-fabulous jewelry where he rocked out to a Ludacris jam, but now there's video of the Mission Impossible star getting down, and getting dirty, at a friend's wedding.

The gritty clip makes us forget for a second that Cruise is a Scientologist weirdo who may or may not have paid Katie to be his wife, and makes you remember why we all fell in love with this short, charming little spitfire in the first place. Anyone who does the worm and the splits in a tux in a dance-off is just ... awesome.


It all went down at the wedding of Sandy Modic to David Ellison in Palm Springs this past weekend. David is the executive producer of Tom's new movie, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and David's father is the CEO of Oracle and the third richest dude in America, Larry Ellison. Needless to say, this was probably one helluva shindig.

It looks like Tom was just doing his thing on the dance floor when he was suddenly challenged to a dance-off by one ballsy party-goer. The Cruise accepted and, well, nailed it. I found myself swooning a bit watching him get after it -- everyone loves a man who can dance and who's the life of the party! He certainly has moves like Jagger. If only Suri was there to join in. A cute little girl is all this video is missing. Well, that and me in the background chanting, Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!

WATCH Tom Cruise dance his ass off:

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Do you think he won the dance-off?


Photo via Splash News

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