Kate Middleton's 'Baby Weight' Isn't What You Think

kate middletonSeems like it's been a while since we heard a good Kate Middleton is pregnant/is trying to get pregnant/was pregnant story. But lucky for her, one cropped up today.

The latest report -- which, of course, includes photographic evidence -- says that Kate has been gaining weight, 10 pounds to be exact, in order to prepare her body for her soon-to-be conceived (possibly already conceived?) baby. A source close to her stylist even said that Duchess Catherine already went from a size 0 to a gargantuan size 2!


Another source said that "[Kate] took a step back from her crazy life and realized she had to get herself fit to have a baby. She couldn’t bear it if her body kept that from happening. William is keen for Kate to live her life at her own pace.”

Okay, so, yeah, it's great that Kate is gaining weight and all -- she was/is a bit on the thin side -- but the thing is, she actually could get pregnant if she were a size 0. How do I know this? Five words: Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie.

Everybody (read: In Touch, Life and Style, Us Weekly) needs to back up off of Kate and get off of the baby train. Clearly the woman will have a child at some point, but she just got married for chrissake. Let her breathe for a minute. It hasn't even been six months yet. And while we're at it, why don't we take a few steps back from the "she's too skinny to bear children" nonsense. Because, well, she's not.

I look forward to the day Kate and William do decide to become pregnant. It will be the second most important royal event of the century. But until then, I'm fine with just admiring her clothes and her shiny hair.

Do you think the "Kate is pregnant" rumors are out of hand?


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