Julia Roberts' Face Makes Dog Tremble in Fear (VIDEO)

Julia Roberts magazine photo

And we thought Julia Roberts was scary as the Evil Queen in Snow White! The way everyone is playing it up, the 43-year-old actress portrayed the role so well she gave co-star Lily Collins goosebumps, what members of the cast and crew attributed to great acting. But it seems Julia Roberts' facial features alone may have the uncanny power to make man and beast quake with fear and run, which is so weird because I always thought she was just really pretty. Huh.

Achmed the husky mix begs to differ. I'm not even sure if he'll be able to mentally recover after looking at her Lancome ad. And the airbrushed one, too, go figure. Well, it's either that or his owner's man boobs. Regardless, it's worth a watch:


What on earth could cause a dog to react this way at the sight of Julia Roberts? Could it be her rather largish mouth? What?


Image via KkQq0187/YouTube

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