Your Favorite Celebs Like You've Never Seen Them Before!

Victoria BeckhamIf she never met David Beckham...Gossip magazines like to tell us, weekly, that stars are just like us. I mean, come on, they take out their own trash, walk their own dogs, and even make goofy faces while smelling fruit in the supermarket! Aside from their fancy cars and million-dollar paychecks, they're just average Joes, right? Puh-lease! We all know that our favorite celebrities (and their lives) are far from anything like our own.

But wouldn't it be fun to see what these stars might look like if they never made it big? What if Victoria Beckham never made the Spice Girls and went on an eating rampage? Or if Jennifer Aniston failed as an actress and ended up a boring, regular ol' office worker — without *gasp* the money for a stylist?

Thanks to our friends at TMZ, we don't have to wonder anymore!


Check out this HILARIOUS photo album of our favorite stars as "ordinary people" — it had us laughing for a while!

Which celeb looks the strangest in their new body?


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