Kim Kardashian Gives Reporter Most Exciting Interview of His Life

Kim KardashianThere are moments in every person's career that will always be remembered. For Lucky magazine writer David Keeps, it will likely be his recent interview with the Kardashian sisters.

The girls are the cover models for the upcoming November issue of the magazine, which will feature interviews with them as well. While talking with Keeps, Kim Kardashian reportedly had a major wardrobe malfunction and completely overshared with him.

The first line of his interview reads: "Five minutes into my meeting with Kim Kardashian, her left breast pops out of her dress." Uh, oops?


Khloe alerted her to the situation, "Kim!" Then in true Kardashian style continued to overshare even more. "God, I've never seen them look so big," she said of Kim's boobs. I can only imagine Mr. Keeps' embarrassment at this point ... and his delight at such good fortune. I mean, could you ask for a better lead sentence?

But really, how does one's boob just slip out like that while sitting down chatting? It's one thing if you're Nancy Grace on Dancing With the Stars to have a nip slip, but I'd really like to see exactly what Kim was wearing at the time that happened. I suppose it's not like no one has seen it before, but still.

And is this some kind of trend the sisters are starting? Remember this summer when Khloe exposed her nipple on Fox? Another nip slip while talking to the media is a little coincidental ... or a little indicator that they need to wear some better-fitting clothing. If it happens to Kourtney anytime soon, I'm calling a plot.

In the rest of the interview, the sisters talk about their clothing line, their personalities, and how they react to all of the scrutiny and criticism of their lives. Kim says they've grown accustomed to the criticism and mockery:

People say crazy things, but we're going through this together, and we know how to handle it. We can make fun of ourselves. Everything that people make fun of us for, we've probably said about ourselves already.

I actually don't doubt that for a moment.

Has one of your breasts ever just randomly popped out of what you're wearing?

Image via OK!

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