A Joan Baez Tribute to Steve Jobs (VIDEOS)

Steve Jobs was, at heart, a free spirit who embraced the idea of living on the edge and pushing the limits. You don't have success at that level if you don't. He didn't play by the rules and, as such, embraced counter-cultural icons, like singer Joan Baez.

Baez is famous for her beautiful voice, true. But she is also famous for her passion and strong political convictions. She was the voice of the counter-culture for a long time. And rumor has it that Apple founder Steve Jobs dated her briefly while he was in college.

Even if the two didn't date, he always admired her. So, who better to give Jobs a tribute than the singer herself? Here are some of her best as a tribute to the former Apple CEO whose visions and creativity changed the world and the way we live in it:


"Forever Young" kind of says it all about a man so many are calling "the Da Vinci of our time."

"Amazing Grace" may seem like an obvious choice. And it is. But Baez sings it beautifully. She may not have been singing it for Jobs, but it still fits: 

"Blowing in the Wind" is a powerful anti-war song, but it also speaks to the connection between all people, something Jobs worked so hard to foster.

Finally, we have "Let It Be." We may never understand why someone as gifted and creative as Jobs died so young (at 56), but maybe we aren't supposed to get it.

Are you sad about Steve Jobs?


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