'American Horror Story' Had 8 Seriously Creepy (Awesome) Details

I have a new favorite show. American Horror Story aired Wednesday night on FX to good ratings and mixed reviews, but I don't care what the pros say, I loved it. LOVED it.

Between Dexter, Walking Dead, and now this, I won't even have to go to the movies to get my horror fix on and I am pretty excited about that fact. I don't care how jaded you are, there is no way you could have watched American Horror Story and not been a little creeped out.

I mean any show that starts with pickled baby heads can only be insanely creepy, right? *Spoilers ahead*

Here are 8 of the creepiest mysteries I can't wait to learn more about:

  • The little girl with Down syndrome: She isn't so little in real-time, but she is even creepier as an adult. "You are going to die," she says again and again. Why? Does she know something we don't?
  • Jessica Lange and "Don’t make me kill you again": Jessica Lange is creepy no matter what, but on this show, she is downright terrifying. Why is she telling the two-faced maid she might have to kill her again? Did she kill her once? And why? So many questions!
  • Gimp guy: A gimp S&M costume came to life and had sex with the lady of the house. Did you hear me correctly? She cried. I got creeped. It was an awesome moment of unity. Is the baby the gimp's or her husband's? I guess we'll find out.
  • Twin ghosts: I hated those twins in the beginning and wouldn't enjoy having their decidedly bad (red-haired) juju in my midst. But there they were. Seriously creepy ghosts. Shiver.
  • Weird demon in basement: I think 'nuff said on this one. Because there is a DEMON IN THE BASEMENT.
  • Potential school shooting boyfriend: This was so many levels of wrong, it's hard to say what the worst part was. But yeah, generally disturbed psychopaths shouldn't see their psychiatrist's daughters.
  • Maid with two faces: Mom sees a half-blind old hag and dad sees a gorgeous sex-pot with a penchant for afternoon public masturbation. Freaky, indeed.
  • Guy who burned his family to death: As if it wasn't terrifying enough, some dude killed his whole family in the house, burning half his face off in the process. And now he is following Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) around to warn him.

I have no idea if they will be able to sustain the creep factor throughout the show, but I do know the first episode has me hooked. It's a happy October, indeed.

Did you watch the premiere? Did you like it?


Image via FX

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