Evan Rachel Wood Makes Me Want to Be a Better Belieber (VIDEOS)

evan rachel wood jimmy fallon
Evan Rachel Wood sings Justin Bieber's "Baby"
on Jimmy Fallon
Recently, the lovely and talented Evan Rachel Wood, who stars in HBO's True Blood and the upcoming film The Ides of March, which opens tomorrow, has come clean about a very difficult personal struggle in a way that has truly touched me. Sometimes it takes a celebrity talking openly about her deepest, darkest secrets to make us average folks feel okay inside about our own. After all, if a crazy-famous superstar can unload her shame in front of the world and turn it into something beautiful, can't we all simply be honest with ourselves and a few friends?

You see, Evan Rachel Wood and I share the same private struggle. Evan Rachel Wood is a Justin Bieber fan. Evan Rachel Wood has total Bieber Fever. And so do I.


It's so hard to explain to people why I, a 40-year-old woman, find myself pulled into the typically tween/teen world of Justin Bieber. I've even participated in some of the most embarrassing cover-ups to try to hide my Bieber mania. I purchased a Justin Bieber doll last Christmas and pretended it was for work when, truthfully, it just made me happy to have him around to sing on demand. I also rented his biographical movie Never Say Never "for my kids," I said, even though I had to practically beg my two young sons to watch it with me. Twice.

And when I feel sad or hopeless or worried about my kids or a little dead inside, I put in my earphones and watch this:

(Okay, not really, but OMFG I think I'm going to start!)

I do feel the need to address a common misconception about 40-somethings with Bieber Fever. It's NOT a crush thing. God no! Gross! He's a child! Get your minds out of the gutter! Sure, I do sort of wish I could adopt him as my third son because I think he and his sweet singing would bring me smiles daily; however, what it all comes down to is a happiness thing. Justin Bieber makes me happy. Just like kittens and sprinkle-covered donuts do. There I said it.

In fact, Evan Rachel Wood, my new soul sister in Belieberhood, said it best in Marie Claire:

I saw the movie [Never Say Never], and that's what did it. I ended up seeing it three times -- in the theaters. One of those times was the director's cut, I'm not even kidding. I got obsessed with the kid ... He's brought so much joy to my life.

Yes, joy. Reading those words felt like coming home to me. Shut up. It totally does.

Last night Wood even took her newfound Bieber pride onto Late Night With Jimmy Fallon where she shared these inspiring words:

I used to be in the closet about it, but now I'm proud and unashamed.

Thank you, Evan. My name is Sheri, and I am a Belieber.

WATCH Evan Rachel Wood sing "Baby" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Just try not to sing along:

Do you want to come out about your own Bieber Fever? I swear this is a safe place to do it (don't prove me wrong, commenters).


Image via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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