'Growing Pains' Reunion Spurs Behind-the-Scenes Cast Secrets

growing pains castGet ready to feel really, really old: It's been nearly 20 years since Growing Pains went off the air. (I know. Cringe. Twenty years since it went off the air, no less! And it ran for seven years!) But don't feel too bad about that gray hair you plucked out of your head this morning or the crow's feet that are starting to appear.

Kirk Cameron and the rest of the cast had a little reunion on Good Morning America today, and, well, guess what?

They all got old, too.

And guess what else?

Aging isn't the only trick those wacky Seavers managed to keep hidden up their sleeves all these years. In fact, I bet you'll be pretty surprised by these behind-the-scenes factoids ...

  1. Kirk Cameron, aka teen heartthrob Mike Seaver, converted to evangelical Christianity at age 17. His subsequent stubborn refusal to feature "adult" content on the show alienated Cameron from his fellow cast members and lost him a good amount of fans. (Um, Kirk, there was never any "adult" content on your show to begin with.)
  2. Jeremy Miller, who played little brother Ben Seaver, defied child star odds and grew up to be a normal, functioning man: A chef with plans to start a catering business!
  3. Tracey Gold, or middle child Carol Seaver, was one of the first Hollywood celebs ever to officially identify herself as having an eating disorder. Hospitalized for anorexia in 1992, Gold missed most of the last season due to her condition. She's now recovered and has four children.
  4. Andrew Koenig (Mike's lovably clueless buddy Boner) took his own life in 2010. He was 41.
  5. Alan Thicke and Joanna Kerns, who played parents Jason and Maggie Seaver, never hooked up off-screen, though Thicke says he thought Kerns was "terribly attractive." Kerns says they were very good friends. Sounds like the set of Growing Pains wasn't nearly as scandalous an environment as The Brady Bunch!

Kind of makes you want to go watch some reruns, doesn't it?

Which Growing Pains cast member is your favorite?


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