'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Latest Fight Makes Her Mom Look Bad

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom son JaceTeen Mom Jenelle Evans has built a reputation as one of the uber-villains of the MTV series. Between cat fights on the streets in her North Carolina town and failing court-mandated drug testing, it's a fair description. But a fight with mom Barbara that brought out the cops last month may say more about what isn't Jenelle's fault than what is.

Police were allegedly called by Barbara because her teenage daughter was "destroying" the family's residence, cursing, and more. When the cops actually showed up, they got conflicting reports from the two women in little Jace's life, and Jenelle's mom decided not to press charges.


Jenelle admitted on her Twitter account that there's some truth to the whole incident, although naturally she blamed the whole thing on her mom. Which begs the question: if Barbara can't even handle her now teenaged daughter without calling in the cops, is she really the best "parent" for little Jace?

The reality show has chronicled Jenelle's decision to relinquish custody of her son to her mom, a decision that seems best considering the girl's marked instability. But I can't be the only (admittedly avid) watcher of the show who has sat back and wondered: if Barbara is the (single) parent who raised one of reality TV's most disrespectful, irresponsible, often downright cruel teenagers ... is she really going to fare better a second time?

From the police reports, Barbara called police because her kid knocked stuff off of her dresser. Whether it was done on purpose (as Barbara alleges) or on accident (Jenelle's side), the fact is this mother and grandmother lacks some serious coping skills and the ability to reason with a flesh and blood "threat."

And yet, she's allowed the daughter who was shown on TV stealing her credit cards to continue to live in her house. Photos on Jenelle's Twitter over time show she was allowed to spend time with the baby even while she was still on drugs. And then there's the call to the cops over something that Barbara herself said wasn't a "charge-worthy" offense.

Jenelle has her issues. There's no excusing her. But grandma needs to get her head on straight or little Jace has no hope.

Does this latest fight leave you wondering if this kid will make it out of that house with any sense of right from wrong?


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