Lady Gaga Biopic Is Completely Premature

lady gaga performing at iheartradio festivalStefani Germanotta went from struggling downtown Manhattan performance artist to internationally-famous Lady Gaga, one of the most recognized and idolized superstars on the planet in the last three or so years. She's living the dream, and her somewhat speedy rise to "The Fame" is definitely a compelling story. But in many ways, she's only getting started. She's 25 years old, and although just about every track she's released has become a major hit, it's not like she'd be putting out a greatest hits album anytime soon. It may not seem like it at times, but she and her career are still young.

And that's why Lifetime's idea to green light a Lady Gaga biopic is completely ridic! But oh no, they're going there.


The flick, which is currently in development, will be based on the equally premature biography, Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, written by Maureen Callahan.

What happened to biopics being reserved for people who passed away, and Hollywood producers would like to respect them with a film that serves to remember their legacy? Oh, I know they've done biographical flicks before about people who are alive ... like Amanda Knox, Scott Peterson, even Frank Abagnale who Leo DiCaprio portrayed in Catch Me if You Can. But I feel like in all of those cases, a.) it did feel a bit premature, being that the subject is still alive, and b.) it was about a real-life crime or mystery that fascinated people and raised tons of questions. The Knox and Peterson ones were uber-sleazy, too, and at least with Catch Me if You Can, decades had passed since Abagnale committed those crimes.

Sure, we're just as fascinated with Gaga, but can't we let her live her life and truly create her legacy before making a movie about it? Furthermore, does Lifetime really think they're going to find a suitable actress to portray the star herself? Gimme a break. I'm sure it was hard enough to find someone who could play Marilyn Monroe (although Michelle Williams is said to have done a stunning job in an upcoming movie) several decades after her death. But to try to cast someone who is very much alive and larger than life? Just seems silly. Oh well -- you know we Little Monsters will still tune in when it airs, even if the whole thing really is uncalled for.

What do you think -- too soon for a Gaga biopic? Will you watch?


Image via Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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