Suck Up to 'True Blood' Hottie on Dream Vampire Cruise

vampire costumeMy first question: What exactly does one eat on a vampire cruise? Because if everything at the Holland America Vampire Cruise buffet table is "red" or "blood-themed" or just cooked really, extremely rare, that would really suck. Anyway, the rest of this idea is so brilliant that if I had $4,000 to spare, I would totally board the boat from Vancouver to Alaska next June 23. Especially since one of the featured guests is one of the sexiest stars from the most popular vampire series going. No, not Robert Pattinson, he won't be on this cruise and plus he's already taken. Hint: The featured guest is on the series True Blood and he's extremely hot.


Nope, not Alexander Skarsgard. (Getting annoying now, will stop.)

It's Nelsan Ellis! The actor who plays Lafayette Reynolds! Okay so he's not Eric but Ellis is equally adorable in his own right, and if he's anything like the character he plays on the show, you know it's going to be one awesome party. And maybe he can give you some tips on how to get with The Skarsgard.

Dacre Stoker, the great grand-nephew of author Bram Stoker, who started this whole vampire obsession by writing Dracula in 1897, will also pop in for a little visit. Perhaps you can break the ice by asking him how to pronounce his first name. You'll also need lots of black clothes and/or last year's Halloween costume and some extra pale foundation so you can mingle with all the interesting people like the guy in the photo above. And you don't have to worry about being called a freak because all 400 "vampire guests" will be confined from the rest of passengers given exclusive access to a special reserved area where everyone can ponder the age old question of how Twilight vampires are able to suck blood from their victims without any fangs.

Whatever you do, DON'T forget to bring your camera. These are vacation photos your friends will want to see.

Wanna go?


Image via outcast104/Flickr

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