Emily Maynard Makes Another ‘Horrible’ Boyfriend Choice

emily maynardSo, Emily Maynard is back on the dating scene. And this time she's giving love a chance with a non-reality TV star. (Yay!) Except the dude that she's dating is known as a full-blown womanizer. (Boo!)

The 25-year-old Bachelor star has been seen "having fun" with Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey. A friend of Emily’s told Us Weekly that the couple was “set up on a blind date” and have already been out five times.

Five times? Ruh-roh. Methinks Emily may already be in too deep. Yikes.


As it turns out, Emily has a friend who works for the Panthers who thought she and the 31-year-old football player would make a cute couple. So he or she set them up. Their first date was at BLT Steak, which is part of the fancy-shmancy Ritz-Carlton hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina. Adorable, right? Right.

The only problem is a source (a source!) has come out and said that "Jeremy is a total womanizer," and then proceeded to express concern for Emily, saying, “Emily is such a sweet girl and to think she’d be with a guy who prides himself on getting with lots of girls, this doesn’t make any sense. This is a horrible match."

If that's Jeremy's bag, well, this is a horrible match. Emily needs to be with a nice, gentlemanly, normal dude. Not a guy she met on a reality show, and not an athlete who likes to bird-dog the chicas. Relationships with men like this never turn out well.

Then again, the source who called Jeremy out is just that: A source. Who knows how reliable those are? Could just be someone who's jealous of Jeremy, or somebody looking to make a buck. Although, as much as I hate to say it, where there's smoke, there's usually fire. Run, girl, run.

Do you think this is a good match?


Image via ABC

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