Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Think He’s Good Looking, So Do We Have a Chance?

ryan goslingWanna hear something kind of annoying yet kind of awesome? Ryan Gosling thinks he's "weird-looking." Arguably one of the hottest guys to grace our planet, he told reporters that he's "not that good looking" and doesn't see himself as the heartthrob the media's fallen in love with. And by media I mean every person with a vagina, and a bushel or two of those without. Everyone loves the Gos. For example, a poll of the people in this room reveals that four out of five would sleep with him even if he had throw-up breath and/or kicked her dog. Those kinds of numbers don't lie.

So what's with the old "Who me? Aw shucks, I'm not hot, no way guys, you're crazy" routine?


Because it's irritating. And sexy. But mostly irritating. If he's just trying to fish for compliments, this was a lame way to go about it. I will shower him with compliments morning, noon, and afternoon (I don't work nights) and he doesn't need to ask for them. Actors. They're so insecure. Am I right?! Always begging for reassurance. I thought Ryan was above this.

And maybe he is. Maybe he really is totally devoid of all hubris, and when he looks in the mirror, all he sees is an OK actor, one helluva dancer, and a guy with a smallish chin. (What, you hadn't noticed?) Maybe he's just so over-the-top awesome that he in fact is incapable of buying into his own hype. He might be one of a kind, especially in Hollywood.

Or maybe he's crazy. Perhaps he's so high on those magic beans he swallows that turned him into Adonis that he can't see the truth anymore. Hmm. Between being annoying, humble, or crazy, I gotta hope that the dude's just that adorably bashful.

Which begs the question: Since he doesn't think he's good looking, do you think then maybe he'd date a less-than-perfect woman with freckles and chipped nail polish? I hear she puts out.

Do you think Ryan Gosling really thinks he's "not that good looking"?


Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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