'Teen Mom' Finale Special Recap: Catelynn & Tyler Need a Break

The Teen Mom Finale Special with Dr. Drew is always emotional for all the teen moms, but this one was particularly revealing. All season it has been clear that Cateynn and Tyler were not the perfect couple they've appeared to be through previous seasons. And the finale special only confirmed this.

It makes me sad. The two have been through so much together -- insane families, moving, Tyler's dad being sent to prison over and over, and, of course, deciding on adoption for their little girl Carly.

They both love Carly and, in some ways, I wonder if in her absence she actually creates more of a "reason" to stay together. If she were there, they probably would have already split.


Tyler is restless. It's clear. They've been together since they were 13, which is insanely young. It may not seem young to them right now, but it will someday. There is so much of life they still need to experience, and doing that while tied to another person just won't work.

Maybe Tyler does need to sleep with other women. Maybe he needs to date someone else. They both need to travel and see more of the world as staying in one place with the same person starts to limit your horizons and your world view. And having a narrow world view is the quickest way to unhappiness. You can't get far if you've experienced so few things.

I would feel differently if they both seemed happy and crazy in love, but they don't. Tyler seems sad and like he is staying out of obligation. And while Catelynn's insecurities break my heart, they're actually really hurting her.

She really has no idea how cool she is, how smart she is, and how much she has to offer. Part of that is the fact that she has been clinging to Tyler so long. Both these kids would do well with a "break." It doesn't have to be forever. But before they can make a lifetime commitment, they really need to experience life without each other for a while.

Catelynn has become so dependent she doesn't know which way is up without Tyler. And Tyler is restless and will hurt her if he doesn't get to try life outside of their union.

There is a reason why so many young marriages break up. This is it. People grow and change and they hunger for different experiences. They're a good couple, but both of them seem to be forgetting that right now.

Do you think they should take a "break"?


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