'DWTS' Results Recap: Chaz Bono Has a Lot of Fans

Dancing With the Stars is, at its heart, a show about dancing. And the third episode results proved one thing I've seen before: Sometimes other agendas, political and otherwise, can get in the way of the dancing.

We saw it a few seasons ago when Bristol Palin stayed on through the finals, and we may be seeing it now in Season 13. There was no obvious choice for someone going home. But Chaz Bono -- popular as he may be -- was a pretty low scorer Monday night. And Hope Solo is likely not going too far in this dance competition.

Meanwhile, the person I actually thought had a strong shot at winning the whole thing ended up going home. *Spoiler alert*


Kristin Cavallari, the former star of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, was voted off. She was shocked, as were most of the members of the audience. Like her or love her, one had to admit she was good.

In the end, on this show, it came down to emotion. And Cavallari could hip shake, swivel, and samba like a champ, but her lack of emotion really hurt her. While everyone else was choosing to lay themselves on the line, Cavallari shook it to Beyonce.

Still, she was one of the top dancers. Why couldn't Nancy Grace go home? Or even Hope Solo? I am not saying they deserved to go, but no one deserves it.

As much as I love Chaz -- and I do love him -- I hope this doesn't turn into something where he stays week after week because people like him or want to prove a point. The mediocre dancers have to go at some point.

All that said, my fingers ARE crossed that Chaz comes back next week strong. His mom will be in the audience so all the more reason to kick booty, Chaz!

So long, Kristin. It wasn't a good elimination and I am sorry she won't be on next week.

Do you think the right person went home?

Image via ABC

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