Scott Disick’s Karma Arrives as a French Fry

scott disickI have a soft spot for Scott Disick. He's so unlikable, but at the same time, I feel like if I gave him a hug, he'd come 'round. As long as I didn't mess up his hair or his suit, I'm sure we'd be fast friends. We could talk about what hair gel we like, how Kourtney really is the hottest Kardashian, and what it's like to have your in-laws hate you. While I might not be the only Scott fan out there, it's possible I'm the nicest. Check it.

When Scott was power-brunching with Jacob the Jeweler this weekend in Manhattan, fans spotted the dynamic duo and tried to get their attention. When frantic waving and yelling Scott's name didn't do the trick, they had to resort to desperate measures. Fried, greasy, soaked-in-ketchup desperate measures. (Ew.)


The fans reportedly chucked a French fry his way that lodged squarely in his "man"-icured coiffure. That gel must be pretty thick and able to withstand high winds and flying junk food because Scott did not feel a thing. He kept right on brunching, and when it was time to leave, he walked right out the door with his French fry pal still in his hair.

Wonder what Scott's reaction was when he got home and found a tasty treat in his mane. Did he punch a wall? Feed it to Mason? Leak the news to the New York Daily News? In any case, I guess Scott should give a wave to his fans every now and then lest he get himself 'tatered again. After all, karma's a bitch.

Do you like Scott? Would you throw a French fry at him?


Photo via Craig Berritt/Getty

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