Jennifer Aniston Really Is Dull, Just Like Brad Pitt Said

jennifer anistonGet ready, everybody! It's time for another round of "Walking on Eggshells With Jennifer Aniston!" Yes, it's true -- Aniston's feelings almost got hurt. Again! Oh, cruel world! Hasn't the poor woman suffered enough?

Zach Galifianakis, hysterically funny star of The Hangover, recently admitted to nearly offending Jennifer "Above Reproach" Aniston when she appeared as a guest on his skit "Between Two Ferns." Apparently around the time of the skit's taping, Galifianakis came across a Brad Pitt look-alike in his hotel.

Galifianakis immediately had the idea of somehow using faux-Brad in the skit. Well, of course he did! A Brad Pitt double showed up right when he was getting ready to stage a funny interview with Jennifer Aniston! That's like a blessing from the comedy gods. A perfect storm of hilarity!

Or it could have been, if somebody hadn't reacted to the suggestion like a whiny spoiled brat.


Can you guess which self-centered, overly sensitive person I'm talking about?

Predictably, Aniston did NOT want to include a Pitt look-alike in her "Between Two Ferns" skit. Because, you know, her pain is still too raw ... sniff, sniff ... and she's a good girl, not like that trashy tattooed harlot her husband took up with, she didn't deserve to be treated that way ... sob, sob.

Oh, for crying out loud. Really?

Every time Jennifer Aniston gets all heartbroken 13-year-old when something Brad-related happens, I can't help but think she's a.) being really irritating and b.) missing an opportunity for some killer PR.

Think about it -- what if Jen was a good sport and played along with Galifianakis? It would have been really funny, for one thing, but it also would have gained her some much-needed respect. When a person is big enough to poke fun at themselves, especially in the public eye, that's just undeniably cool.

It's tough to sympathize with somebody who takes themselves too seriously, which is why, even though I can acknowledge that, yes, Aniston was probably deeply hurt by Pitt, I can't feel sorry for her. Never could. And now I'm just sick of the whole thing. Where did she get the idea that the entire world was supposed to tiptoe around her wounded ego?

Plus, "Between Two Ferns" is notoriously offensive. (Anybody remember the early episode starring Natalie Portman?) And while Galifianakis did an admirable job replacing Pitt as an offending presence with Tila Tequila, the skit could have been so much better.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston needs to get over herself?


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