'DWTS' Recap: JR Martinez Is a True Hero

The third episode of Dancing With the Stars is almost always the most emotional one. It's usually the one in which the stars tell their "stories." This time it was the most memorable year of the star's life. For most of them, this meant bring on the tears.

Some of the dances were more moving than others and some just made the dancers look shallow. Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari danced to "Crazy in Love," recalling the time when she decided to pursue a career in entertainment.

It would have been a good dance if it weren't for the fact that everyone else dug deep for their dances and Cavallari seemed to basically pull the first thing that popped into her head.

It stood in stark contrast to Rob Kardashian and JR Martinez, both of whom had the two most moving stories of the night.


I have never watched any Kardashian show, never been into them in any way, and for the most part, don't get why they are famous. But Rob's Monday night dance moved me. The dance itself -- a fox trot set to "Fly Me to the Moon" -- wasn't so memorable. But his emotion was.

Losing a parent in the teens can be very hard, and since the same thing happened to me, his story resonated. Now I want to know more about him and will probably start watching the back episodes of all the Kardashian shows. Uh-oh.

Still, no one could hold a candle to JR Martinez's story. Now he is a soap star and widely lauded as a hero, but back when he was 19, he was a scared kid burned by a landmine in Iraq. He spoke of depression and pain and not even knowing how the rest of his life would go.

It was moving, but then his dance -- a rumba set to "If You Read This," a total tear-jerker of a song -- brought the audience to their feet and made the rest of us cry. He is an amazing dancer, but even more than that, he is an amazing person.

I am not one to say this lightly, but between Martinez; Chaz Bono, who spoke of finally being happy in his skin and not caring what others think; Carson Kressley, who talked about growing up gay; and Kardashian, it was a really revealing and emotional night.

This is a cast that brings so much diversity and emotion to each episode. There is no one I want to see go home. 

Did this episode move you?

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