Justin Bieber 'Murder Plot' Thwarted by Die-Hard Beliebers

justin bieberLook, I'm not going to lie, I don't like Justin Bieber. There, I said it. I've never met the tyke, but my impression of him, based solely on hearsay, stupid haircuts, and annoying music, is similar to Marg Helgenberger's: He seems like a brat. There's something, I don't know, sort of creepy, about watching him and Selena Gomez traipse around the globe together when one of them (Justin) isn't even old enough to vote. And his songs? Uch, don't even get me started. But this is all just my opinion. And it ends there. I would never, in a million trillion years, send the little guy a death threat. Too bad everyone doesn't feel that way.

Kevin Aragon Otazu created a page on Facebook threatening to kill Justin, who's currently on his South American tour, if he performs in Peru at the National Stadium on October 17. And the page has more than 1,000 “likes”! Yikes!


In the "about" section of the page, it says Jose Chavez will step up and give Justin a big push at the National Stadium. The “description” says many spectators will be lined up holding water bottles and eggs (to throw at J.Biebs). Then, in all caps it says, "Justin Bieber you better not come to Peru, it will be the biggest regret of your life. Seriously." And then under products it has “Kill Justin Bieber” candies. Weird.

Of course, Beliebers aren't taken this harassment lying down. No, sirree. Justin's fans are responding to Kevin, in both English and Spanish, and some are even sending reciprocal death threats, saying that they're going to murder Kevin and make it look like an accident. Dang.

As annoying as it can be, isn't pop music supposed to be all cheery and silly and light? Isn't it basically for the purpose of making tweens and teens dance and buy stuff they have absolutely no need for? It's like, look, Kevin, I don't like Justin either, but just turn off the stupid radio or light a t-shirt with his face on fire like I do. A death threat? On the Biebs? Come on, you should know better than that.

Do you like Justin Bieber?


Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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