Kristen Stewart Makes Full Armor as Sexy as a Bikini (PHOTOS)

Kristen Stewart GQ coverAny questions about Twilight star Kristen Stewart's versatility should be walked straight to the curb this week. Between some bad-ass photos leaked from the set of Snow White and the Huntsman and a bikini-clad KStew vamping it up on the cover of British GQ to promote her upcoming role in a film version of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, one thing is obvious. Our favorite vampire-lover is a woman with depth, and we love her for it.


The GQ cover plays up that alabaster skin and Twilight persona with a retro black bikini and some blood red lipstick. But it's about as far from broody awkward in her own body Bella as she can get. As KStew told the mag:

I looked like a boy for a long time ... Now I feel like a woman.

That's been her detractors' favorite mantra, that the actress' slight body and preference for simple jeans and t-shirts make her look more like she should be playing Edward than the object of his affections. Talk about sexist! Jeans and t-shirts are sexy too folks. Just ask Robert Pattinson.

But this GQ cover certainly does a number on that little notion. It's hard to go there when she's all dolled up like a screen siren of old. This is the Bella we want to see in that sexy Breaking Dawn bedroom scene we've heard so much about.

And now to really put those KStew bashers' knickers in a twist, let's take a look at the photos from Wales, where the 21-year-old has been spending her days covered in full armor atop a horse:

Kristen Stewart Snow White

Can you say HAWT? Yes, powerful women with swords and shields are sexy. But even sexier is a woman who can so easily morph from bad-ass to bikini babe and back again. Kristen Stewart is no one-trick pony, that's for sure.

Which look do you think suits Kristen?


Images via GQ; SplashNews

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