'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Is a Hypocrite But Kind of a Sweet Guy

sister wivesOh, Kody. I don't know why my jaw was on the floor during last night's episode of Sister Wives when you had "the big talk" with your poor, bewildered teens. It's not like I thought you were going to have progressive, or even reasonably modern, sexual views to pass on to the next generation of Browns. But you "don't even want to think about" your daughters dating or getting married? REALLY???

Not that the boys fared much better. See, the whole thing got started when the teens approached their many, many parents about going out on a "group date." (No, not with each other! I mean, yes, with each other, but with other teens, too. Apparently this is a "safer" method of dating for teens, though any parent who buys into that theory has clearly never been to an orgy.)

Anyway, Kody and The Moms were hesitant even to approve of this supposedly chaste outing before Kody laid down the law ...


The law being, of course, that he doesn't want any of them "being sexual" before graduating high school.

Now, from the way the first three wives freaked out about Kody kissing Robyn before the wedding, I'm guessing "being sexual" starts at first base. So, like, anything beyond a high-five ain't kosher.

Ouch! What just hit me in the eye? Oh, a flying shard of hypocrisy!!

Basically all of the family's struggles have transpired as consequences of Kody's selfish drive to have his own personal harem. And he's expecting his kids to practice celibacy? Good luck with that.

Sheesh. Anyway, now that I've explained why Kody is a hypocrite, I'll tell you why he's also kind of a sweet guy ...

The dude got so genuinely choked up talking about Robyn's pregnancy scare! (Baby's fine, by the way.) Here's a man with PLENTY OF CHILDREN already who was so heartbroken at the thought of Robyn having a miscarriage that he broke down just remembering the experience!


Do I like him? Do I hate him? Like him?? Hate him?? The confusion is killing me!

Do you think Kody is a hypocrite, a sweetheart, or both?


Image via TLC

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