'Pan Am' Recap: Laura & Kate Bring Their Mommy Issues to Paris

pan am kate and motherLast night's episode of Pan Am felt like an extended "part two" of the pilot. In other words, the show continued to clue us in on just who some of these sexy stewardesses and pilots are.

Seems like the writers really LOVE the sister plot line involving Laura and Kate, because when their mother shows up on their flight to Paris, we got a few flashbacks to Connecticut "six months before," aka when Kate assisted Laura with running away from her own wedding. All we really need to know is that their mother is a control freak who was ambitiously invested in her daughter's life and marriage to her fiance Greg, and Kate's getting a little bit irritated being in the middle. She obviously wishes her mother was as caring about her life, but she doesn't want to have to contend with her being incredibly overbearing. Who would?!


The nutso mom trailed her daughters to Paris for crying out loud, and get this -- she even brought Greg to orchestrate some kind of teary-eyed reunion with Laura! FAIL.

Meanwhile, though, conventionally handsome Captain Dean is trying to get to the bottom of Bridget's disappearance, but cozying up to Colette -- who he's taken under his wing and made his French tour guide and translator -- while he plays detective all over Paris. These two are definitely charming. I'd kinda love to see them get together, because from what we've seen so far, I'm not really keen on Bridget and her CIA shenanigans. Seems like she won't be Bridget for long anyway ... Kate was set up on a mission to bring what appeared to be a gift box to a contact in Paris, and it turned out to be Bridget, who messed up a mission a few months back. The box reveals that she's being punished by having to change her identity to some woman living in Missouri. "Where is Missouri anyway?!" the Brit blonde squawks. (Oh, fly-over-state humor -- what brilliant comic relief. Heh.)

The best part of the night by FAR, though, was watching Maggie stand up to the uptight beeyotch who runs the Pan Am stewardesses' weigh-in scale, after Laura was chided for gaining "another pound." (Is she preggers? No pretty woman on TV gains weight without being pregnant!) Then, she fought off an attempted sexual assault by an aggressive passenger aboard the flight to Paris, and told one of the pilots that she was terribly disappointed that he let it slide, because the guy will think he can do it again to another woman. Wow! Maggie's a one-woman feminist movement, and I love it! But we don't know who the hell she is otherwise, so that's sort of annoying. Hopefully, future episodes will delve a bit more into her character, because she has potential. (And not just because she's played by Christina Ricci, the only real "star" in this cast.)

Did you want to know more about Maggie and a little less about Laura and Kate? Do you like Dean and Colette together?


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