Shannon Tweed Marries Gene Simmons Wearing Serious 'Family Jewels'

gene simmons shannon tweedBetter late than never, I guess. 54-year-old Shannon Tweed and 62-year-old Gene Simmons tied the knot on Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel after dating for 38 years. Hmm, I don't know, you think they know each other well enough yet?

There were some 400 people in attendance, including Bill Maher, Hugh Hefner, and the other members of KISS. The crowd reportedly let out a huge cheer when Simmons uttered the words "I do."

I'm frankly surprised nobody fainted from shock (Hefner's looking pretty frail these days, after all). But perhaps guests were too dazzled by the unbelievable amount of bridal bling to lose consciousness ...


Tweed was apparently wearing $2.5 million of diamonds, and that's NOT including her engagement ring. The jewelry, handmade by Michael Raven, included a bracelet worth $420,000.

Well, you know what I say? Good for her! Shannon Tweed deserves millions of dollars worth of family jewels in exchange for the dues she paid. I mean, come on! 38 years of putting up with Gene I've-had-sex-with-19-bazillion-women Simmons?? She bore the man 2 children, Nick and Sophie, who are now 22 and 19. (I'm sure their ideas regarding what constitutes a healthy relationship are right on the money.) She's walking down the aisle at 54 years old to meet a man whose hairdo looks like a helmet made out of Brillo and will still, most likely, cheat on her with a series of seriously misguided groupies.

Who are we kidding, diamonds are this woman's best friend!!

Oh well. Either way, I look forward to seeing how the couple's newfound marital bliss will play out in this next season of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. Because let's face it -- whatever happens, it's going to be impossible to look away.

Do you think Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons will have a happy marriage?


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