'Dream House' Criticism Misses the Point (VIDEO)

Dream House comes out September 30, and thus far, it seems like one of only a couple real horror movies set to come out during October 2011. Yes, I am also psyched to see Paranormal Activity 3 on October 21, but Dream House should hold me over at least for a couple weeks. In fact, it looks good enough to make up for the dearth of other horror movies.

It's an old-fashioned ghost story with children in peril, creepy imagery, and Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig, and Rachel Weisz. What's not to love?

So why are so many critics trying to ruin my good time? They say it rips off The Shining, the Stanley Kubrick tour de force that invented the quality horror flick. They say they give everything away in the trailer. They say it's terrible, boring, and not emotionally engaging.

I don't care. I still plan to see it Friday night and I will be shocked if I don't like it. See below for the trailer:


Doesn't that look scary?

The fact is, horror movies are always panned. Except The Shining. Everybody (including me) loves Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, so if this is, in fact, a rip-off, it ought to be pretty great. 

Reviewers are always a little too hard on horror movies. No one is expecting an Oscar, but if you like the genre, the standards are really different. I fully believe no one should be allowed to review horror movies unless they actually like them.

Here's what I want to know: Is it scary? Creepy? Will it keep me up and on the edge of my seat? If the answers to these questions are yes, then I will like it. Actually, even if they're no, I still might.

There are a lot of crappy horror movies out there, and I don't always agree with good reviews either (like Cloverfield), but I am totally ignoring these Dream House reviews. I can't wait to see it! Opening night, baby!

Do you want to see Dream House?

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