Kelly Bensimon Can’t Admit She Was Fired From ‘RHONY’

kelly bensimonIf you ever find yourself interviewing Kelly Bensimon, here are some tips. She told OK! magazine that she doesn't like the words "sad", "fired", "post", "rumors", or "moving on." That said, the fired former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York isn't sad upset about moving on from leaving the show and is really tired of rumors speculation about what she will and won't be doing post after Housewives. OK guys? Jeez.

Kelly is so far gone that she doesn't know which way is up or down (I hope I'm allowed to use those words). It's taken her a while to speak up about her release from the show, but I will say that her statements were worth waiting for. It makes me realize that I'm kind of going to miss Kelly's absolute delusion and craziness on the RHONY.


There is no way they'll be able to replace her with someone as certifiably out-of-touch with reality. But it sounds like we won't have to live without our cray cray Kelly for too long -- she's got "projects" lined up. Lots and lots of projects. TBD whether or not these are paid projects or if Kelly will just sit cross-legged on the grass in the park painting rocks and making friendship bracelets while eating gummy bears, but I'm along for the ride either way.

In Kelly's mind, this is what's happening:

First of all, I don’t like the word fire. This is Housewives and this isn’t -- you know, we’re in a recession. Let’s be careful with that. [WHAT?!!?] ... I get approached all the time about doing different shows and everyone always has a different angle. But this is the time for a bigger and better deal, I'm not going to lie. Whoever gives me the greatest deal that is synonymous with my brand, that's something I want to do.

Brand? The only thing I can remember Kelly doing, say, brand-wise, was those damn owl necklaces that she ripped off from her coworker at Elle. So what exactly does Kelly think her brand is? I would love to hear her explain that. She also explained that she has a big announcement to make in October. Oooh! That's only a week or two away! I doubt Bravo would cast her again on anything -- maybe she's announcing she's moving to Cartwheel Land where everyone says nonsensical things articulately. It's where she belongs, after all.

I say happy candy-coated trails to Kelly. It was hard to watch her last season since no one (aka Bethenny) was around to point out how absolutely insane she is, and I think that has to do with why she was fired. Oops! I mean, let go. Whatever. Bye, Kelly. Bye.

Are you interested in Kelly's upcoming projects?


Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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