Kate Middleton & Kendra Wilkinson Share the Weirdest Thing

kate middleton and kendra wilkinsonWhat do Kate Middleton and Kendra Wilkinson have in common? Nope, the Duchess has never hooked up with Hugh Hefner (to my knowledge), and no, Kendra doesn't have a degree from St. Andrews. What these two very different ladies share is so surprising that I'll bet a thousand "pennies" you'll never guess what it is. (Even though I just gave your sorry ass a clue!) They share ... a stylist.

Yup! Baseball hat and sweats-wearing bleach blonde Kendra and pantyhose and designer dress-wearing Kate are styled by the same woman: Nikki Pennie. Anyone else's head just explode?


I would say that Kate Middleton is at the top of the A-list. Remember when she came to Hollywood and turned huge stars like Reese Witherspoon and J. Lo into whimpering fan girls? It doesn't get much bigger than Kate. It does, however, get much bigger than Kendra. Sure she's a fun girl who's totally likable and fun to watch, but she's no Duchess. So wouldn't you think that Kate's stylist wouldn't have to take such B-list clients as Kendra?

Don't you think that Ms. Pennie could style any Hollywood actress she wanted since she's the one responsible for Kate's effortlessly elegant blue Issa ensemble she wore for her engagement photos? Guess not. Pennie's other clients are Cat Deeley (SYTYCD host), Amy Poehler (Parks and Rec star), Shenae Grimes (new 90210 actress), and Julie Bowen (Modern Family mom). Not too bad, but they're not exactly mainstays on the red carpet.

I guess Pennie can't get to the top Hollywood A-listers because Rachel Zoe's already running that show. Maybe that's why the woman behind one of the most iconic looks in the last two years is styling Kendra -- there's just no room for her with RZ around.

That said, I support the Pennie presence in LA. I would love to see her style celebs in the classic, clean, feminine looks that Kate wears in London. A little class never hurt anyone. Especially Kendra. And now that Pennie's been on Kendra's E! reality show, it could just be the US uncovering she needs to launch a prolific styling career here. And in the meantime, if she needs some regular old Joe(sephine) clients to shoot for her look book, I know you and I are both totally free. Issa dresses for everyone!

Were you surprised to learn that Kate and Kendra have the same stylist?


Photo via UK_repsome/Flickr and EOnline.com

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