'Glee' Recap: Mama Mia -- Idina Menzel's Baaaaack!

idina menzel lea michele sing Calling all Idina Menzel fans! You got your wish this week as the Broadway star reprised her role as Shelby Corcoran, aka Rachel's biological mother and the new adoptive mom of Quinn and Puck's daughter, Beth. Turns out that scary Sugar Motta chick who can't sing to save her life had her daddy wrangle Shelby to work part-time at McKinley High and start a new show choir just for her. As much of a threat as that may seem to the New Directions, Shelby doesn't seem all that invested in that aspect of being back in Lima. Instead, she conveys to Mr. Schue she has some loose ends she needs to tie up. And therein lies the set-up for some of the biggest DRAMA we Gleeks have seen in a while!

You knew Rachel was going to flip a little when she saw Shelby. We find out that after learning the former Vocal Adrenaline coach was her mom at the end of her sophomore year, Rach almost had to go to therapy!


Now, she wants nothing to do with her birth mother, but Shelby has other plans.

As the kids are preparing for their West Side Story auditions, Shelby offers Rachel two cents on which song she should sing. Forget going the safe route with "I Feel Pretty," she offers, and stop 'em dead in their tracks by singing "Somewhere There's a Place for Us" (which clearly has an underlying meaning for these two). They end up singing it together, and it was one of the most stunning performances of all Glee time. Totally blew "Poker Face" out of the water. The emotion, their voices, it was just ... WOW! So Shelby wants to be in Rachel's life somehow ... that may seem tough, but it's nothing compared to the other situation Shelby wants to "make right." 

She also expresses how she wants Quinn and Puck to be in Beth's life. (Because Shelby has her own regrets about never having been in Rachel's, natch.) Puck just shows up at Shelby's apartment with a drawing for the tot, showing his softer side and making it clear that he'll do whatever it takes to take Shelby up on her offer. But it won't be so easy for Quinn. Considering Ms. Fabray's recent foray into Skank territory, and the obvious emotional issues behind it, she's not exactly in shape to cope with such a huge step. At least Shelby's compassionate -- she went through it herself, of course, and even got a "Sinead O'Connor haircut," to boot! -- but tells Quinn she needs to clean up her act before she can spend any time with Beth.

So ... that's what she does. She's crawling back to Glee club as clean-cut and blonde Quinn by the end of the ep, but if that sounds too good to be true, that's because it is! She tells Puck that she'll put on the act if that's what it's going to take to get full custody of Beth. OMG -- JAW. DROPPER. MUCH?!

Meanwhile, Kurt and Brittany both came to terms with being unicorns (aka totally magical and they KNOW it!) and showcasing that for dual runs for class president, and Blaine (who, as it turns out, is only a junior) promises Kurt he won't try out to play Tony, but whether the guys like it or not, the musical directors (Beiste, Emma, and student director Artie) think Blaine can "play straight" and, well, play Tony much more convincingly. Ugh, poor guys -- I really hope this doesn't throw a wrench in their relationship!

Do you think it's possible for Shelby to be in Rachel's life? Were you surprised by what Quinn intends to do? Do you think Kurt and Blaine are at risk of breaking up?!


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