'Teen Mom' Finale Special Recap: Amber's Big Secret Explains a Lot

After watching three seasons of the girls on Teen Mom, it starts to feel like you actually know them. It's easy to judge and to have all these ideas about how they should be. And then something happens that makes you realize you really don't know anything at all. That was how Tuesday night's finale special with Dr. Drew Pinsky went. Amber Portwood revealed some truths about her past that explain a lot more than the show ever did.

When Amber was only 4, she lost her baby sister to SIDS. And while that alone would have been horrific and scarring, there were other revelations about her story as well. Her family was often so poor they didn't have a phone. Her mother revealed that when she told the story of finding her baby dead and explaining why she didn't call first. Additionally, it seems like the family just shut down around it.

As a result, Amber hasn't really talked about it. And keeping it bottled hasn't done good things for her.


Obviously, we all have our "things," our baggage that makes us vulnerable and causes us pain. But if we don't deal with it, or at least try, we stay stuck. Amber can't even talk about her baby sister without getting up and leaving the room, so how could we ever expect her to be able to deal with her child and relationship?

Portwood has been a bit of a mystery throughout the show because it was never clear why she was so messed up. And while, yes, she can't blame her crappy childhood for the rest of her life, she is only 21. She has a lot to work out before she can go into adulthood.

In many ways, Teen Mom has been good for her. Even though she has been vilified and treated badly in public, which is unfair and wrong, the fact is, she wouldn't be getting help otherwise. At a certain point, the cameras will leave her house, but the counseling and help they gave her won't. That will follow her through her life.

I feel for Amber and I guess it goes to show that no matter how much we think we can judge a person for their actions, we really can't. You just never really know what is going on beneath the surface. She has a lot to work out, but with all the counseling and support, my guess is she can do it. And as a result, Leah will get a better life, too. Amber will not repeat the same mistakes.

Isn't that the best case scenario for everyone involved?

Does this change your opinion on Amber?


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