Skimpy Rihanna Outfit Brings Out Farmer's Inner Prude

In news that was undoubtedly sad for a million ears of voyeuristic corn, Rihanna's "inappropriate" outfit caused her Northern Ireland music video production to get shut down on Monday when a farmer objected to her filming on his property. While the farmer, Alan Graham, had originally given her permission to use his grain field, her clothing—or lack thereof—made him feel uncomfortable, and he asked the team to stop filming.

Maybe he should have given her an umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay?


You can see the outfit in question here, and I have to say, it looks downright demure compared to some of the other outfits I've seen her wearing. However, I am a jaded American who's used to seeing celebrity nip slips and vag flashes on a regular basis, and this is an Irish corn farmer who had never even heard of Rihanna before. I think he had every right to be a little freaked out by a scantily-clad woman jiggling around in his field, although I'd love to know what Graham meant by this comment:

The issue was that I felt Rihanna was in a more state of undress than a bikini top.

Hmmm. If she was wearing a bikini top, how was she in "a more state of undress"? I'm thinking she was maybe busting out some serious dirty dancing moves that were giving this guy a coronary, and that's when he came roaring up on his ... uh, tractor ... to call a stop to things.

I'm oddly tickled by the whole story because it just sort of strips away the veneer of fame and celebrity privilege. Sure, most of the world would probably be thrilled beyond belief to have a half-naked Rihanna in their field, and would have stood around waiting for the chance at an autograph, but there are still places where a man's values trump a pop singer's right to wear what she wants.

As Graham explained,

I didn't know who was coming. If the name 'Rihanna' had been mentioned, well, no disrespect but it wouldn't have meant anything. (...) From my point of view, it was my land, I have an ethos, and I felt it was inappropriate. I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God.

Oooh, had to get in the God burn, didn't you Mr. Graham? I'm guessing Rihanna won't be changing her religious views any time soon, but maybe she'll think twice about skimpy video shoots in rural locations.

Do you think it was silly for this farmer to object to Rihanna's outfit?

Image via Flickr/MiKeARB

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