'DWTS' Recap: Nancy Grace Major Slip Was Very Sad

Dancing With the Stars is one of those shows that can really surprise you from week to week, and the second episode of Season 13 was no different. When you think of the many beautiful women who have graced the stage of DWTS, it's hard to think a "wardrobe malfunction" would be a bad thing for male viewers. But then you never really expected that person to be Nancy Grace.

It was a sad night for the former prosecutor and TV pundit who never really seemed to bounce back from a huge wardrobe malfunction on national TV.

And just what happened?


"It was flashy and top heavy!" Bruno Tonioli said to poor Grace who buried her head on her partner Tristan MacManus' shoulder after flashing her nipple to all of the country after her quick step ended.

"On the European version, that would be perfectly fine," Tom Bergeron said, lightening the mood a bit, but Grace's humiliation was palpable.

The funny thing is, there was some foreshadowing of insecure things to come. First Rob Kardashian talked about his "man boobs," despite not being fat at all.

Then Ricki Lake flashed mega cleavage and discussed all the inches she is losing by dancing. Finally, Chaz Bono danced an adorable but highly vulnerable dance with a bum knee and a look of utter shock he wore for the full three minutes.

Is anyone proud of themselves? Feeling some self-esteem?

Memo to Rob: You look great.

Lake: You also look great! Chin up!

And Chaz: You are courageous and awesome. You rock!

Most of all, I feel badly for Nancy. Getting up there and dancing a strong dance at 51 with twin toddlers and a booming career is no small thing. She knows half of America finds her shrill and her obsession with Casey Anthony to be weird (or is that just me?), so it takes a whole lot of courage to get out there.

And now this. It's humiliating, but it's OK. Overall, it made me like her more. Now she seems real, human, and yes, even a bit vulnerable. It's OK, Nancy! You are doing so well!

Did you feel badly for her?


Image via ABC

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