Lindsay Lohan Got a Job! Lindsay Lohan Got a Job!

lindsay lohanYou guys! Lindsay Lohan got a job! She's employed, j'all, and will be receiving a paycheck. I know you're just as happy as I am about this -- seeing as we're both big LiLo fans that just want the best for her. Let's sweep under the rug the cocaine that she was allegedly snorting while making out with a married hotelier last week, and let's forget about her fashion week bender that ended in someone dripping with blood. Let's be thankful our girl's got herself a job and leave it at that.

Well, almost leave it at that. Here's the thing.


Lindsay's been hired by German designer Philipp Plein to be the face of his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. According to sources, the gig was a last-minute decision for both parties, but the shots in Lake Como, Italy are already underway.

Lindsay + last-minute decisions = trouble. Hopefully she proves us wrong here, but in the past, it would seem that any impulsive move on her part would get her jail time. House parties while under house arrest? Bad idea. Leaving a party with a white powdery substance all over your shoes? Not good. Blaming your assistant for stealing your car? Not bright. Lifting a necklace from a jewelry store? Dumb. Injecting so many fillers into your face that you start to look four times your age? Stupid.

But back to the bright side! Someone's paying her for her services. That sounded bad, and I know why your mind went there, but I'm talking about her modeling gig. Gone are the days of being paid $25,000+ to hawk a weird eBay wannabe site as she sits on her couch with an ankle bracelet on, we hope, and here are the days of her doing a 180 and being the star we know she can be. Hear, hear!

She looks pretty in the campaign shots and you can see glimpses of the early 2000s Linds -- she's pretty and coherent -- so despite Ali Lohan's face transplant, my hopes are riding high for the Lohan clan. But, hate to say it, part of me is just waiting for the other (drunk) shoe to drop.

What do you think of Lindsay's new job? Will she do well?


Photo via Splash News

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