‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Has a Shocking Big-Haired '80s Past (VIDEO)

lisa vanderpumpLisa Vanderpump very well might be my favorite cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She's witty, she's wry, she's got the second most adorable dog in the world, and who can resist the 51-year-old's throaty British chuckle?

So, you can imagine my delight, and slight horror, when I happened to stumble upon a video of Ms. Vanderpump starring in '80s band ABC's video for their hit(ish) song "Poison Arrow." In it, a young Lisa plays an arrow-shooting, face powder-blowing seductress who can literally shrink a man down to size and trap them under her martini glass -- and, obvs, she's got the giant hair and harsh makeup that could only make this role complete.

Confused? Just watch the video.


Sort of amazing, no? I mean, unless Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine had a cameo in it, it really couldn't be any more '80s. Although, even in 2011, I still find something sort of inherently '80s about Lisa. She just exudes Dynasty.

So, after watching this video -- thrice -- I dug around a little bit and found out that Lisa actually does have a bit of an acting background. She starred in the shortly-lived series Baywatch Nights, with a little actor named David Hasselhoff, as well as a whole slew of other things I've never heard of (aside from Silk Stalkings). Who knew? It's kind of cool that she doesn't talk about it 24:7 like Kim Richards.

The only not-so-nice (but true) thing I'll say about Lisa right now is, wow, she's definitely had work done. Compared to that video, her features are so much softer and feminine now. Yet, she still doesn't look too "done." She looks like she looks really good for 51.

But that's not really news-worthy, now is it? She's a Real Housewife for chrissake.

Do you like Lisa Vanderpump?


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