Did Pippa Outshine Kate Middleton at Friend’s Wedding?

Kate and Pippa Middleton
Not the fashion face-off in question
You know what there hasn't been enough of in the world lately? Kate and Pippa Middleton. Where ever have thou raven-haired siblings been? I mean, yeah, we saw Pippa a few weeks ago, flashing her undercarriage at the Alice Temperley fashion show, but it seems like months since we've last seen Kate. And a two-for-one sighting? Pshh, feels like not since the royal wedding.

Well, we're in luck. The sisters Middleton were both at the same wedding this past Saturday, and of course, both looked stunning in their girlish frocks and classic wedding hats.

But one sister SHUT. IT. DOWN.


I mean, did you really even need to go past the jump? It was Kate, of course! The Duchess killed it in a never-before-seen (on her) mid-length raspberry colored lace dress by Collette Dinnigan, a raspberry pillbox hat, and sky high Prada pumps. She looked amazing, and it actually was sort of a daring look from the totally safe dresses she typically wears. It was perfect fall wedding attire, and the rich color looked fantastic on her. A nice deviation from her typical blues, blacks, and whites.

Pippa looked extremely lovely also in her patterned, ruffled silk dress from Project D. and, of course, black pill box hat. She sported black pumps and a black clutch, as well, but she just didn't outshine Kate. I think it was the bold color that set the Duchess apart from the rest. You couldn't help but notice her in the crowd. Plus, as beautiful as Pippa looked, she sort of dressed how she always dresses. It was nothing new or exciting.

So, plus one for Kate. You looked flawless, m'lady. Now would you get out of hiding and show us more outfits? We miss you 'round these parts.

Which sister do you think looked better?


Image via americanistadechiapas/Flickr/WPA Pool/Getty

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