Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Had the Most Boring Breakup Ever

taylor lautnerWhat a weekend for Taylor Lautner! It was a big enough deal that the Twi-Hard's new action flick Abduction premiered, but to have his breakup with co-star Lily Collins announced on the very same day! Apparently the couple went their separate ways a week before the split was confirmed, which made the premiere party a little awkward.

But no worries, because Lautner, who was the one to dump Collins, reportedly made a "clean break."

Aw, Taylor -- that's no fun! If you were gonna go to all the trouble of "dating" your co-star and then ditching her right when the whole world was looking, why not go the extra publicity mile and make it a dirty break?


I mean, first of all, what exactly is a clean break? It's gotta be either a break-up in which all ties are cut for good (no friends with benefits, in other words) or a break-up in which the decision is completely mutual and there are no hard feelings whatsoever (a myth, in other words).

Both options make for seriously dull gossip.

A dirty break, on the other hand, has to be the stuff of gossip gold: Love triangles, changes in sexual orientation, out-of-control substance abuse issues tearing couples apart.

Since I'm pretty sure the entire relationship was for the benefit of the press anyway, I think Lautner and Collins missed a major opportunity to get people talking (while running out to buy Abduction tickets).

So many, many possibilities! Somebody could have started buzz about a Taylor Squared comeback (Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift, of course). Someone could have alleged that Collins was secretly Team Edward and had been using Lautner to get close to Robert Pattinson the whole time. Then rumors of a Collins and KStew catfight could have piggybacked!

Do you think Taylor Lautner really made a clean break from Lily Collins?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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