Lady Gaga's Tear-Jerking Jamey Rodemeyer Tribute Honors All Fans (VIDEO)

lady gaga honors jayme rodemeyerI'm still tearing up every time I hear about Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14-year-old boy from Williamsville, New York who took his own life last week after suffering constant bullying over the years. He was a huge fan of Lady Gaga, and the weekend of his suicide, he posted lyrics from her song "The Queen" on his Facebook page, writing, "Don't forget me when I come crying to Heaven's door." Only a week later, the Mother Monster herself proved she has no intention of forgetting Jamey.

At the iHeartRadio Music Festival this weekend in Las Vegas, Gaga honored Jamey by dedicating a stunning rendition of her Born This Way hit, "Hair," to him. Before she performed, she told the audience, "We lost a Little Monster this week ... I wrote this record about how your identity is really all you’ve got when you’re in school ... so tonight, Jamey, I know you’re up there looking at us, and you’re not a victim. You're a lesson to all of us." 


Here it is if you didn't happen to catch it yet. Warning: This performance will cause waterworks.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Lady Gaga is an icon and destined to be a legend. I can't think of any other pop star who feels so connected to her fans that they would honor one in this way. Say Jamey had really admired Katy Perry or Britney Spears. I could see them releasing a statement or maybe even doing a PSA on bullying in honor of him. But I'm not sure they would have done something as big as this performance. Not sure if they could have gotten "Bullying Is for Losers" to trend on Twitter!

Gaga has the power to do that because she's already devoted her work to putting the underdogs on top, making them feel important and loved. She's proven again that she actually, genuinely cares about these devastating, sometimes life-threatening issues that face her fans. She's personalized it and personified their struggles, and that's why so many people identify with her or at least admire her. She has one of the most awesome foundations for fame because, you know, usually we just look up to pop stars; they're so cool we want to be like them. We love Gaga because she already is like us -- a freak, but never a victim. And someone who continually teaches us all the difference.

What do you think about Gaga's tribute to Jamey?


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