'Desperate Housewives' Season 8 Premiere Recap: Finally Worth Watching Again

Desperate HousewivesEven though in recent years I've much preferred Real Housewives to Desperate Housewives, I've never been able to totally boot the ladies of Wisteria Lane from my DVR. I was so in love with the show for so many years that I've always held out a little hope it would find the greatness it once had again. I've missed a few episodes here and there, but for the most part, I've kept up with the suburban madness no matter how lame it became, just in case.

So as Season 8  -- the final season -- of Desperate Housewives premiered tonight, I wondered if we would see signs of a season that has gone on far too long to salvage, or if they really could perhaps crank things up and go out on the same kind of high note on which they came in. Fortunately, tonight proved they may have a shot at the latter.


Part of the promise of this season is the fact that it will actually end. In past seasons, every time a new plot line would pop up, all I could think was: How long are they going to drag this out? Now, we know nothing can be dragged out for too much longer, and the forced wraps are driving the suspense.

Plus, they're going back to the roots of what drove the show those first fabulous seasons -- a big mystery tying the women together. This time it's the murder of Gabby's abusive stepfather, who Carlos killed. After hiding the body in a trunk for the dinner party, they ladies came together and buried him. Each is dealing with it in different ways, and there are plenty of things that could happen, from Carlos not being able to handle the guilt and killing himself (there are murmurings that one of the husbands will end up dead this season) to Susan not being able to keep it secret. The end scene in which Bree found a note on her car windshield tells us someone else knows what they did. (My guess is Renee.)

There's a hot new guy in the neighborhood, which could prove interesting with Lynette and Tom separated, and Renee always on the hunt. And though we didn't get too many hints tonight, word has it that Mike is going to go back to some of his bad boy roots. Plus, we've been promised a "big whammy" at the end. Who can resist a whammy?

Overall, there's plenty of promise this season. If this episode was any indication, I'm hopeful that once again the show is going to leave me desperate each week to see what happens the next. And make me really miss them when they are finally gone.

Did you watch the Season 8 premiere of Desperate Housewives? What did you think?

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