Jennifer Aniston's Extravagant Purchase Paints a Perfect Picture for Brad Pitt

Jennifer AnistonAs big of an ass as her ex, Brad Pitt, may be for saying all those rude things about her and their "pretend marriage," Jennifer Aniston isn't letting it get her down. In fact, instead of hiding out at home reeling from the blow of his bad mouthing, she's been out and about on the town looking amazing, in love, and dropping some major coinage on artwork. How's that for dull, Brad?

Thursday, with her beaux Justin Theroux doing the bidding, Jen spent $450,000 on a piece of art. Titled "Stranger #44," it's by contemporary artist Glenn Ligon, whose work is incredibly powerful and takes on tough issues like race and identity in America. Not simply an artistic splurge on Jen's part, though, proceeds from the painting, purchased at the "Artists for Haiti" auction will go to help the desperate country. All around, it was a classy, well-timed move on Jen's part.


What better way to give Brad a big old picture of her new and happy life without him in it. It just makes him look even more pathetic that he's still holding so much emotion and regret in his life (and perhaps jealousy?), while she's clearly moved on in her career and personal life and is doing extremely well, thank you very much.

That little, okay huge, purchase does far more than any statement she could issue or any wrath her people may or may not have unleashed on Brad. It's the simplest, most classy form of revenge one can get on an oafish ex -- to show him how happy you are without saying a word.

So if she was calculating about this big purchase, or least slightly encouraged by recent events to do so in such a big way (the painting was estimated to go for less than half the price she paid, but she bid big), then I don't fault her for it at all. Besides, it's a really amazing piece of artwork for a really great cause, and she likely didn't give him a second thought when she bought it.


What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's $450K painting?

Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty


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