Heather Locklear at 50: Is Her Crazy Love Life Finally Over?

heather locklearActress Heather Locklear -- who starred in TV faves like Dynasty, TJ Hooker, Melrose Place, and Spin City -- celebrates her 50th birthday today, and she is looking as young and gorgeous as ever. Locklear is proof that the ripe old age of 50 doesn't have to be the "end" of your life, or love life for that matter. Just last month she announced her engagement to her former Melrose Place co-star, and fellow bleached blond, Jack Wagner.

And so it appears that after a lifetime of dating and marrying crazy rock star or off-their-rocker actor types, Locklear has finally found her perfect match. And we wish her all the best ... mixed in with a little luck because while her career has been pretty stellar, she's been lacking luck in the love department.

Let's take a look back at the men in her life and see just how far she's come.


tom cruise
Tom Cruise
had a brief fling with Locklear in 1982 (pre Risky Business). Locklear says that they were more like friends and never even kissed (um, well, yeah). Among other things, Cruise famously went on to be the King of Scientology, criticize Brooke Shields for how she dealt with her postpartum depression, jump on Oprah's couch, and turn Katie Holmes into a zombie.  Heather dodged a bullet -- or an alien abduction -- when this romance fizzled.

scott baio
Scott Baio
-- The two '80s hotties dated in the '80s of course. In an interview with Playboy, Baio (who is known for being a man-whore) said that Locklear was the greatest lover he has ever been with. Way to go Heather! And in another interview with People magazine, he said that she was his "first true love." Awww. It sounds like Baio carried a torch for Heather for years after the breakup. But since he's now more famous for his homophobic, racist, sexist twitter rants than his days as Chachi or Charles, we think he did Heather a big favor by dumping her.

tommy lee
Tommy Lee
-- Locklear was married to the Motley Crue drummer from 1986 to 1993. Lee is best known for his rock-n-roll antics, swasitka tattoo (now removed), instigating riots, and spending 4 months in jail for kicking his wife Pamela Anderson, with whom he made that infamous sex tape. Oh, he's also known for his exceptional piece of manhood. Maybe that's what Heather was in it for. Can't blame her for that, but we're glad she moved on.

richie sambora
Richie Sambora
-- Locklear married the guitarist for Bon Jovi in Paris in 1994, and it seemed like she'd finally find herself a solid guy. The couple had a daughter Ava in 1997 and seemed to have some happy years together. Until the crazy hit the fan, and they divorced in April 2007. Sambora entered rehab for alcoholism a few months after that so it's likely there was some stuff going on behind closed doors that poor Heather had to deal with. And then of course, he hooked up with Heather's BFF Denise Richards. Scumbag. So long Richie!

jack wagner
Jack Wagner
-- Locklear started dating her former Melrose Place co-star in 2007 and the good news is that Wagner doesn't have a lot of crazy in his past. The two have known each other a long time, but they started out as friends and co-workers. Aside from being a singer, dancer, actor, he's a blond preppie golfer type who started a charity that raises money for leukemia and lymphoma. He was married before ... to Kristina Wagner (his General Hospital co-star) with whom he has two sons. As far as we know, there are no dark secrets in his past. No arrests. No rehab. No domestic abuse. We think, at long last, Heather Locklear has found "the one" at 50. (Fingers crossed.)

Happy Birthday Heather!

Do you think Heather Locklear has finally found a love that will last?





Images top to bottom via Alan Light; Mad Marlin/Flickr; david_shankbone/Flickr; Rob Poetsch/Flickr

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