Levi Johnston's Book Bombs Despite Bristol's Bad Behavior

Deer in the HeadlightsAs annoying as Sarah and Bristol Palin may be, it's Levi Johnston who is the lowest in all of that big messy bunch. The guy has no shame, and will sell out any and all in his way for fame. So it's kind of totally awesome to see that his book "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs" in which he tired to scandalize the Palin family is totally tanking.

Even though he pimped it for the all the publicity he could, nobody's buying his b.s. According to The Hollywood Reporter, while hard sale information isn't yet available, the book's initial rankings on Amazon and Barnes & Noble don't look good at all -- in the 700s and 200s, respectively. Ouch, but it so serves him right, and I bet Bristol is getting more than a little satisfaction from that fact.


True or not, the places he's gone serve no other purpose than to embarrass the Palins and get publicity for himself. Forget his son, Tripp, who's going to read this all someday. It's all so mean spirited -- from saying that Sarah Plain had a "cougar crush" on him (ewww) to revealing that Sarah and Todd sleep separately. "Todd slept on a little black leather sofa, not even a comfy one! And Sarah always slept in the bed. Since I've known the family, that's how it's always been," he told E!

And, of course, after the that little incident in which Bristol Palin defended her mother after some guy called her a "whore," Levi is there pouncing on every little bit of publicity he can to call her out as a homophobe ... because that's so helpful to his son. She shouldn't have gone where she did and asked the guy if he was a homosexual, but he was being an ass and she responded in anger. I think she made an unfortunate choice, but I don't think that necessarily makes her a homophobe. Levi, however, is out to slam her as one. His rep told Hollywood Life:

Levi would never sanction any type of homophobic behavior. A lot of his fan base is homosexual, and he appreciates his fan base. In addition to that, he would not want his son to grow up with that kind of attitude in any way shape or form. It’s totally unacceptable.

First of all, I'd like verification that he actually has a fan base. But more so -- why doesn't he just shut up? No matter what your personal problems or what the Palins may have done to him (and let me be clear -- I am no fan of theirs), slamming the mother and family of your child in public is one of the most selfish moves a father can make. Maybe now that his book has tanked he'll realize that no one really cares what he has to say and move on to his back-up plan: Starting a tour-guide company with his father. Sounds perfect to me; just beware those bears.

Are you glad to see Levi Johnston's book flop?

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