In Real Life, Ryan Gosling Is a Very Bad Driver

ryan goslingThis may be a little hard to hear, but Ryan Gosling is not perfect. It came as a shock to learn that myself, so I know how you're feeling right now. It's not because he's been going to Disneyland with Eva Mendez or because he hasn't returned any of our 3,458 fan emails, it's because he's in trouble with the law. Kinda. A little but. Uh oh. You see, Ryan Gosling is a bad, bad driver.

And this has nothing to do with his movie, Drive. Back in 2005, the Gos was pulled over for driving under the influence. This data has been buried for six years, but there's a reason we care about it now.


So Ryan was pulled over March 17, 2005 by the California Highway Patrol and charged with a DUI. He pleaded "no contest" and the charges were later changed from "driving under the influence" to "exhibiting speed." Apparently, defense attorneys frequently get DUIs changed to exhibiting speed violations through a plea bargain deal.

Ryan was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay $849 in fines.

Now, that's all well and good, but what can we fans take away from this? No one likes a drinker and a driver, so that's not it, but there was one little bitty piece of info that's come out of this mildly disappointing story. Can you see it?

Ryan was pulled over on March, 17 ... aka Saint Patrick's Day! We've learned that Ryan likes to celebrate St. Patty's with a few cold ones just like we do! I mean, he shouldn't have gotten behind the wheel, but can't blame the guy for wanting to have a little fun in honor of Ireland. In my imagination, Ryan was pulled over wearing a headband with green shamrocks attached to springs, bouncing and bobbing around, making him look extra cute and irresistible, even while breaking the law. Maybe he even had green beer dripping off his chin and onto his strong, pulsing abs ...

So yeah, it's a shame that the man, the myth, the legend isn't 100 percent perfect, but at least we're not walking away from this story sad and emptied handed -- Ryan Gosling likes to drink on St. Patrick's Day. You're welcome.

Do you think any less of Ryan because of his driving record?


Photo via friskytuna/Flickr


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