Katie Holmes Will Make a Lame Slutty Pumpkin This Halloween

katie holmesAny How I Met Your Mother fans in the house? It's an awesome show, I agree. The cast is incredible (though, sorry, I really find Ted to be suuuuper annoying and completely a-sexual), but the episodes are really funny and well-written. Well anyway, it's almost time for the Halloween episode and we all know what that means: Slutty Pumpkin! Yup, ever since season one, we've known that Ted's in love with the mystery woman who was dressed as a provocative jack-o-lantern years and years ago, and pines for her every time October 31 rolls around. This year, in season six, is no different.

And now, HIMYM fans, we know who the Slutty Pumpkin is. Or who is going to play her, that is: Miss Katie Holmes.


Hmm. Does anyone else feel a little, a little, a little, like, numb? Slutty Pumpkin has been such a mainstay on the show and knowing that she's going to be Katie Holmes is kinda neither here nor there. I'm definitely not excited about it, and I'm not upset about it, I'm just like, OK, sure.

I'm surprised Tom Cruise is letting Katie out of her cage to do this, too. Aren't there awards in Telluride that need polishing and lipsticks to be bought for Suri? Katie's a good actress I guess ... can't say I've seen her in anything other than Dawson's Creek ... but she's going to have a lot to live up to as the Slutty Pumpkin. The pressure! The expectations! She better be rehearsing right now.

HIMYM has a history of famous guest stars -- Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, J. Lo -- so the fact that Sluts Pumps is a celebrity isn't a surprise. I am sort of shocked the news was leaked though, because I would've loved to have been surprised to find out who was behind the orange costume.

Oh well. Hope Katie does the part justice. She's certainly drop-dead gorgeous enough to have left such an impression on ... impressionable Ted. (Am I the only one that really hates Josh Radnor, aka Ted Mosby? He just pales in comparison to Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan. I find his acting to be cringe-worthy.)

Anyway, do you think Katie Holmes will make a good Slutty Pumpkin?


Photo via aphrodite-in-nyc/Flickr

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