Kim Delaney's Tipsy Military Speech Is a Cry for Help (VIDEO)

Kim Delaney, of NYPD Blue and Army Wives fame, had kind of a rough night during a ceremony at the National Constitution Center to honor U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates yesterday. While it's not yet clear exactly what was wrong with her, Delaney appeared to be heavily intoxicated—slurring her words, getting distracted, and generally looking like a hot mess.

While this would have been bad enough if she were merely sitting in the audience, the bad news is that she was giving a speech at the time. Even worse, the whole incident was captured on live television.


Honestly, I can barely sit through the entire video, because it's all so cringe-worthy. Delaney arrives on the stage and you can instantly tell something's wrong with her (there's a particularly telling moment when she looks offstage before she gets started and says, "This is my job," which leads me to assume someone was begging her to please, please skip the appearance), and it all just goes downhill from there.

She wrings her hands as she mumbles her way through a speech that grows increasingly confusing. Not only is she clearly having trouble reading the teleprompter, but the actual words coming out of her mouth make no sense. Kim Delaney has "served in active military duty family for five years"? She's "seen soldiers come home with painful life-altering injuries”? She's "attended numerous military funerals, including that of my best friend’s son"? Wow, I had no idea Kim Delaney had this sort of background, because I thought she was, like, a Hollywood actress.

Nearly two minutes later, she finally makes it all clear—at least as clear as this wildly inappropriate speech can be.

It’s all make believe. I do that as a job. It’s make believe. I have the luxury to do all of this on a television show.

Okay, even if she wasn't wasted out of her gourd, this would have been a bizarre way to honor anyone's military service, but add in the fact that she's so obviously impaired, and the whole thing borders on being offensive.

By the end, the audience (which included several high ranking U.S. officials) looked visibly uncomfortable, but the worst was yet to come. Before Delaney had a chance to fumble her way to some sort of conclusion, a woman with a headset appeared and briskly escorted her off the stage.

Sadly for Delaney, the whole disastrous appearance is now forever archived on video:

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I actually feel pretty horrible for her. She's had trouble in the past with alcohol abuse—in 2002, she was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, and she's sought rehab for alcohol addiction twice. It was obviously a very bad choice to get on stage while she was in that state, but god knows I've had plenty of my own instances of poor judgement when alcohol was involved.

Everyone has their demons, but few people are unlucky enough to have them on display for the world to see like this. I really hope Delaney gets whatever help she needs after this unfortunate public misstep.

Image via TMZ

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