Justin Theroux Has Fighting Words for Brad Pitt Over Jennifer Aniston Comments

justin therouxI've gotta say, I'm really liking this Justin Theroux character. At first, I was a little wary of him and his hot, sexy, bad ass appearance, what with all his black t-shirts, leather jackets, and motorcycles. He didn't seem like he went with our girl, Jennifer Aniston. He actually seemed more Angelina Jolie's type. And he also sort of seemed like he had the makings of a man who would eventually break Jen's heart. But the more I've gotten to know him through pictures and tabloid fodder, the more I like him. And when I heard that he threatened Brad Pitt after he made those nasty comments about his woman to Parade magazine? I think I sort of fell in love.


Apparently, Justin couldn’t bear to watch Jen be publicly humiliated once again, so he fought back by getting in touch with a mutual friend both he and Brad share. According to a source, Justin phoned up said friend late at night on September 14, saying that “Brad should keep his mouth shut about his life with Jen." The source also adds, "He couldn’t believe what a coward Brad was.” And it didn’t stop there.

Supposedly, Justin also placed a call to a powerful studio executive, calling Brad a “wimp” and a “loud-mouth bully” who needs to be put in his place. Mr. or Mrs. Source adds that if Justin had his way, he would settle things with Brad the old-fashioned way -- with a fist fight.

So, if this is true, and I'm assuming at least some part of it is, there really is no questioning Justin's love for Jen, now is there? I don't condone violence by any means, really I don't, but there's something, dare I say, sexy about Justin standing up for Jen like that (and maybe even his wanting to fight Brad, too).

Needless to say, after this piece of tabloid gossip, this girl is officially on Team Theroux. He's no longer just a hot, sexy man with some bad ass get-ups, he's a hot, sexy guy with some bad ass get-ups who's sensitive, sweet, and passionate. Can it get any hotter than that?

Do you like Justin Theroux?

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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