Minka Kelly Gives Sexual Harasser a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Slapdown

minka kelly charlies angelesSo, I used to work in TV. NBD. I was just hanging out with celebs all day, every day, eating delicious craft service. Not. I was in a writers' room banging my head against a laptop that, once again, froze in the middle of a script. But I did learn a thing or two in terms of how to behave on set during my stint in television. And I can tell you, smacking the lead actress on the ass then dangling a $100 bill in her face is not okay.

On the set of Minka Kelly's new series, Charlie's Angels, some moron did just that. The staffer came up behind the 31-year-old actress and slapped her across her perfect bottom while holding a $100 bill in his hand a la strip club-style.


Rightfully so, Kelly was furious. According to a source, "Minka was shocked and absolutely irate. She was still fuming about it hours later.”

Apparently when the crew member, who "meant it as a joke," tried to apologize to Minka the next day, she slapped him in the face. Television executives then had him removed from the production and his career in TV ended faster than Charlie's Angels will take to be cancelled.

I can't understand, for the life of me, what would possess a man to do this to any woman, let alone the star of the show he's working on. I mean, did he think she would laugh? Did he think it was okay to go around slapping girls' bottoms? Does he think he lives in a real life episode of Mad Men and behavior like this is, like, the norm? Aside from the general grossness of the whole thing, it's just ... weird. How could he not know such a disgusting act would lead to his inevitable termination? What a moron.

At least he was made an example of, though. Now people know not to mess Minka. She's a beautiful girl, and I'm sure lots of dudes are ogling her all day on set. They better rein that s**t in. Because not only will they get fired, they'll get a blow to the face.

Can you believe this assclown?


Image via ABC

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