Prince William Sends Kate Middleton to 'Princess School'

kate middleton in calgary canadaKids aren't the only ones headed back to class this fall. It seems the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, is also getting a new education of sorts ... at "princess school." (Sounds like something most little girls would give up their iPad time to participate in, huh?) But it's not exactly charm school or lessons on choosing the most regal-looking pair of Louboutins. This private tutoring, which hubby Wills had a hand in setting up, is meant to help the Duchess better understand how the state works and familiarize her better with national institutions. She'll also be learning more about subjects such as the arts, the media, and the government. And she's conducting her own private research. In other words, it sounds like a crash course on becoming both a British and an international public figure.

Surprisingly, this "higher education" wasn't initially part of the post-royal wedding plan.


Kate told friends that the Palace staff thought she "could adapt to being Princess of Wales overnight," and no forethought had been given to her future role when they wed. Eeep! Not that she shouldn't be given credit for being able to transform herself so quickly, but well, there's probably a lot someone who isn't born into royalty can't somehow -- what, by osmosis, or psychically? -- just KNOW about being a working royal!

Princess Diana was never given this valuable "royal training" and probably would have very much appreciated it. (It's pretty much well-known that the Prince's famous "mum" would complain that no one prepared her for her royal duties.) So, it seems like the people in charge of keeping princesses on top of their game realized they should learn from that mistake. But it seems more importantly, William made it clear he didn't want to see Kate have to be thrown from the frying pan into the fire and struggle like Di did. Awww ... what a thoughtful royal spouse! It's definitely good news all around that Kate's getting this extra training!

There's already been confusion and criticism about Kate having so few royal commitments, but obviously, she's staying out of the spotlight for now for a reason. So she can get her bearings and be truly prepared to face her country and the world as the Duchess and perhaps one day queen. She deserves it -- anyone in her position would -- and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she passes her "princess schooling" with flying colors and is ready to take on her senior royal duties and the world. 

What do you think about Kate's royal training?


Image via US Mission Canada/Flickr

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