Troy Davis Execution Has Celebs Crying 'Too Much Doubt'

Michael Moore tweet Troy Davis

Convicted "cop killer" Troy Davis's fast-approaching execution -- scheduled for tonight in Georgia at 7 p.m. -- has set Twitter ablaze, and tons of celebrities are crying out "Too Much Doubt!" and "Injustice!" too. Davis was denied clemency a few days ago, and even though witness accounts of the crime have changed since his conviction and many feel Davis may, in fact, be innocent of the crime, the plan for his execution by lethal injection in just a few short hours proceeds.

In a desperate call to try to save the life of a possibly innocent man, many celebrities including Kim Kardashian, John Legend, and Rosario Dawson are reaching out to fans and their large Twitter followings, pleading for action against what might be the unjust execution of an innocent man. See what they're saying.

Michael Moore
MMFlint Michael Moore
President Obama: Can't you do like President Kennedy did & send in federal troops to stop this injustice in Georgia? The buck stops with u.
It is simply beyond comprehension that the state of Georgia is just hours away from murdering Troy Davis. That's right: Murder
common COMMON
Every human deserves a fair trial pls raise awareness and stand up so Troy Davis can receive a fair trial. #toomuchdoubt
Sandra Bernhard
SandraBernhard Sandra Bernhard
let the man take a lie detector test right now #whoistroydavis
#URGENT #WHOISTROYDAVIS #p2 CALL @BARACKOBAMA to -speak up- for #troydavis 202-456-1414 or 202-456-1111 also! thx 4 support!
Rosario Dawson
rosariodawson Rosario Dawson
The 411 On Death Row Inmate Troy Davis Global Grind- There is #toomuchdoubt to kill #TroyDavis tonight
Big Boi of OUTKAST
BigBoi Big Boi of OUTKAST
But we need people to come out and be seen!!! #Troydavis #jacksongeorgia
We r now at the church behind the truck stop waiting for the press conference to start #Troydavis
Stacey Dash
REALStaceyDash Stacey Dash
#TroyDavis May Gods justice prevail. He and his family are in my prayers
Evelyn Lozada
EvelynLozada Evelyn Lozada
Tweets read >>>>>>>> There is #TooMuchDoubt to kill Troy Davis tonight. Here's the 411 >>
iamdiddy iamdiddy
Call! Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-353-1555 urge him to intercede on Troy Davis rt to the world and Call rt now!
Kim Kardashian
KimKardashian Kim Kardashian
Everyone google Troy Davis & read his story! NO ONE should die by lethal injection when there is this much doubt! Help save #TroyDavis
mia farrow
mia_farrow mia farrow
GA prison medical staff shd stay home. Grievous errors in case against #TroyDavis. #TooMuchDoubt for execution to be carried out
Russell Simmons
UncleRUSH Russell Simmons
Who is Troy Davis? Here's the 411 >> -- #TooMuchDoubt
John Legend
johnlegend John Legend
Tell #Georgia to stop a grave miscarriage of justice. Save #TroyDavis from execution. #TooMuchDoubt
remhq R.E.M. HQ
Tell #Georgia to stop a grave miscarriage of justice. Save #TroyDavis from execution. #TooMuchDoubt
Kimora Lee Simmons H
OfficialKimora Kimora Lee Simmons H
There is #TooMuchDoubt 2 kill Troy Davis Please help! If u are near go 2 rally in Jackson, GA at 4PM 2 stop execution of #TroyDavis.


Have you called or emailed to try to stop Troy Davis's execution? Why or why not?


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