Pranking Jonah Hill Might Save Brad Pitt’s Image (VIDEOS)

jonah hill & brad pittJonah Hill and Brad Pitt star in Moneyball, a sports and math movie that opens on Friday that I can't wait to see. I'm serious! It looks really good, despite being about, well, sports and math. The chemistry between Brad and Jonah seems great from both the previews and press interviews -- these two lovable goofballs look like genuine, multimillionaire, famous friends who have a great time together. It's kind of the press that Brad needs right now after that Parade interview blew up in his face. And no, I'm not going to apologize for re-falling for Brad.

I mean, anyone who shrink-wraps Jonah's golf cart in pink Saran wrap and admits that he and his brood watch Jersey Shore has my heart, 100 percent.


I've already forgotten that he said that he wasn't living an interesting life with Jen, and that they were pretending their marriage was something that it wasn't.

And I think you will too if you catch a glimpse of Brad and Jonah on their press junkets for Moneyball. Not only is Brad super hot, he's super funny. During an interview with MTV's funny-man Josh Horowitz, Brad and Jonah are roped into answering his questions with only a 'yes' or 'no.' We find out, as a result, that Brad's family watched the Shore, doesn't hide photos of himself in the attic, has not made a sex tape, and yes, he'd like to punch the interviewer in the face. Come on! He's awesome.

And when Jonah was on Letterman promoting their movie, he tells a hilarious tale of the pranks Brad pulled on set. Like how Brad convinced everyone on set that Jonah was a huge Wham! fan, even though he's totally indifferent about the band that George Michael fronted. Brad rigged Jonah's golf cart to play "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" whenever Jonah drove it, and put posters of Wham! in Jonah's dressing room. Brad's so clever and cute, I can't deal. 

WATCH Jonah tell Letterman about Brad's Wham! pranks:

WATCH Brad and Jonah play the 'Yes/No' game:

Do these interviews make you fall in love with Brad all over again?

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