'New Girl' Zooey Deschanel Proves Even Hot Chicks Can Be Geeks

new girl cast foxAnyone who loves to laugh, meet Jess Day, aka FOX's New Girl, played by the ever charming Zooey Deschanel. Mark my words: She's making TV history -- sooner rather than later. From the classic comedienne Lucy Ricardo to the pitch-perfect Lorelai Gilmore, I've never watched a female character who cracked me up as much right out of the gate as Jess.

She's definitely a lovable dork, obsessed with Dirty Dancing and randomly singing to herself. Even though she's recently heartbroken after a split from her boyfriend (she caught him cheating on her, ugh, totally traumatic!), she remains mostly upbeat as she transitions into moving in with three guys from Craigslist played by Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, and Damon Wayans, Jr. Think Snow White & the Three 30-Year-Old Dudes.


She's so optimistic, one of her new roomies even accuses her of "living on a sparkly rainbow" and "driving a unicorn." HAA! Yet, as out there as she may sound, you can't help but find yourself totally, completely falling for her. In fact, it was as if the pilot on FOX last night was created as the perfect love spell to make audiences fall for the geekiest girl on TV yet.

What I really love about Jess is that she's geeky, but she's not clueless. It seems like up until now, women on TV couldn't be two things at once -- geeky but actually super-pretty, a little socially awkward but really very wise. This character may be the first funny gal who gets to wear all those layers, and it totally works, because how many of us know women like Jess or ARE women like Jess?!

Not to mention how the show was filled with this frothy but brilliant brand of geeked-out humor that I admit is just up my alley. Like how Jess references The Lord of the Rings when one of her roomies tries to help her plot a wingman strategy to find rebound sex. Or how "pink wine makes her slutty," and she doesn't really care when another points out that her boob is sitting on her buffalo wings. And her pick-up line of choice is, "Hey, sailor!" And I won't totally spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but the last five minutes involves her roommates and a hilarious rendition of a fave movie tune originally sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. OMG, classic!

You'll see glimpses of this geeked-out humor on Glee now and then, but I can't remember the last time it really permeated a whole show, and it's about time! We geeky girls are finally getting our day ... and finally, our very own heroine, to boot!

If you watched New Girl last night, what did you think? If you didn't, will you watch it now based on the reviews?  


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